Wird gerade überarbeitet ...

About me

I think, we should all go out and experience new things. Whether it is at work, on a vacation or in daily life. It is deeply in our human nature to go beyond our comfort zone. It took us across continents, endless oceans and even through the vast nothingness to the moon.

There’s always an amazing journey across the next corner, if we dare to take on the challenge.

Leopold Kamp

Co-Founder, Kamputer

My Story

With the age of 22, the story of mine has just begun.
In school, I had always been an introverted guy. I did not shy away from connecting to others, but I also didn’t really count to the popular kids. I was more like the unknown lone wolf. Maybe that’s a great advantage I have now. I don’t feel uncomfortable not fitting the norm. Above all, I have learnt which advice does help me and which advice may be meant in a good way, but eventually do not force me out of my comfort zone. But still, I started to study right after my school years, because I hadn’t felt inspired enough to look for any vocational training. Nonetheless, it all led to start creating my own business.
A great step I took was just a few years ago. At the age of 18, I got money from my grandparents, which they had saved for each grandchild until their 18th birthday.
Most of my family members used it for a driving license or other “useful” stuff. I myself thought: “Why the fuck do I need a driving license?”. For getting a car in addition, the money wouldn’t have been enough. So instead, I started with skydiving. It was amazing. It felt like pure freedom even while falling directly towards “death”. A bit afterwards I could save up enough money to get a driver license… I chose to ride a motorcycle.
Both are things which aren’t really practical in terms of comfort. But they taught me great lessons about life. Never did I regret one of these decisions in my life. Not even for a second. Both taught me, that amazing experiences only lay beyond comfort.
I think these decisions had a really great impact on starting my own business, and also the business I founded together with my father and my brother.
Both of these will define the next chapter of my life.

Why did I start a business in the first place?

My earliest memories of wishing to be self-employed go back to my childhood. At this point in time, I had a first idea of what I was wanting to do, when I was grown up. I remember. I always being “scared” of being employed some day. It just sounded horrible to me.
I suppose, that as I grew older, the fear of working for a company was shrinking. It seemed to be a thing that everyone needed to do at some point in life. As I started studying, we had a few projects where we were working in a team. We needed to figure out most of the stuff by ourselves. There was only a bit of guidance and some rules for the end result. I think back then, it reignited a fire inside of me. The thing about doing, minding and building my own business.
While studying I was working part time as developer. At the end of 2018 I thought: “Fuck this shit, it’s possible I’m going to build my own business.”. So I quit my job to start fresh into the new year.
Up to now, I can say that it was the most important decision in my life.

What I'm heading for?

To me, my everyday challenges are a blessing. They make me feel stronger and smarter every day. I really appreciate them. In a way, I feel like a professional by having no clue what I’m doing. Everyday I’m learning so many new things. I love the freedom I get with organising all my days on my own. However, there is a saying “With great power comes great responsibility.”: Therefore, you cannot sit around doing nothing and expecting things to happen. So you need to plan your days wisely to get things done effectively. It’s a great adventure you can really grow from.